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Rules For Getting Extra benefits:-

At present if u want to become a guest author u will have to Just Send Your Email id & Name to this email id : sameer@galaxy4gaming.in after that we will send u a invitation to write on our author site Roms4Galaxy.blogspot.com then u can write your post & submit it after approval your post will be published on Galaxy4Gaming.in along with your credit at the end of the post.
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Affiliate links:-
Only one Adsense code allowed per post no other affiliate links allowed.

Credit :-
All credits for your’s post as an guest author on this site goes to you so the copyright of your article will be yours and not in the credit of   www.galaxy4gaming.in  

Note:-Any violation in our policy by you as an guest author will lead to terminated your account as a guest author of this site & all your previous posts will be deleted.