Xtreme Rejoice Kernel

Hi to all!

Check for new kernel for Micromax A110 and same spec devices (MT6577).

Not a long description here.

New Changelog for Xtreme-Rejoice:
1. interactive, conservative, hybrid, ondemand, powersave, performance, CPU governors added.

2. noop, deadline, cfq I/O scheduler added.
3. Changed LMK values for internal task manager means more free memory.
4. Changed to hybrid and cfq as default CPU governor and I/O scheduler (4.2.x).
5. Changed to hybrid and cfq as default CPU governor and I/O scheduler (4.1.x).
6. NTFS OTG support added (NEW).
7. init.d support added.
8. Battery saver and performance MODs added.
9. Compressed with lmza means less size means more performance and less time to boot and more battery juice.
10. Compiled with linaro's latest toolchain.
11. xz compression enabled.
12. Network/WiFi speed and connectivity improved.
13. Dynamic Readahead calculation.
14. All cores working on loaded with heavy process (hotplugging).
15. Dynamic vfs for more battery saving.
16. Camera capture quality improved.
17. Improved Multitasking.
18. Dynamic cache included (Thanks to faux123).
19. Optimized and dynamic lowmemorykiller (Christopher83).
20. Upstream to 3.4.82.
21. Fixed conservative CPU Frequency Governor for Performance and battery.
22. Uncapped FPS to 60.
23. Improved RAM Consumption by various components.
24. Logger size decreased for more free RAM.
25. Fixed deadline I/O scheduler for improved read and writes.
26. Fixed Derps in Network files.
27. Improved CIFS for faster access.
28. Fixed ondemand CPU governor for more battery saving.
29. Special Performance Optimizations done for more buttery feel.
30. App installating smoothly.
31. Tweaked sio I/O scheduler.
32. Tweaked Android logger.
33. Tweaked OOM.
35. Tweaked Pegasusq for more performance.
36. Tweaked conservativex for more battery.
37. Battery MOD included for the best battery backup ever.
38. More intelligent screen on/off dirty cache cleaning.
39. Improved kernel process management.
40. Main focus for getting more free RAM.
41. ARM CPU Alignment on boot.
42. ARM Auto Hotplugging.
43. Dynamic OOM killer values calculation.
44. Buttery smooth.
45. lmk_fast support added to LMK.
46. Now Camera working for JB-out-of-the-box handsets (Testing).

Kindly don't use any scripts or MODS for increasing performance or battery or you may face any problem. If you do then I would laugh instead of helping.

I am not responsible for any kind of mess you do with your device after flashing this kernel and don't complain any, if done.


For 4.2.x – Xtreme-Rejoice-4.2.x-3.4.82

For 4.1.x – Xtreme-Rejoice-4.1.x-3.4.82

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