Don't Run With a Plasma Sword v1.0.2 APK

Main Features :

– 5 environments: City, Factory, Mother ship, Alien Planet, Tandoori Moon
– 2 Game Modes:
– Story mode with fixed game progression, save points, boss fights and 4-stars rating system
– Endless mode (5 levels), random map generation and objectives to accomplish
– Evolving gameplay through upgrades and avatar customization
– 3 buttons contextual controls: jump, slide, slash which becomes double jump, dive and dash in the air
– Several monster types, traps, power-ups and rewards to collect
– Comic storyboards
– Awesome original soundtrack and sound effects
– 2 supported languages, English and French

What’s New:

  • Fixed one of the few remaining screen resolution bugs.
  • If you have any issue, please contact us and we’ll fix it asap.

UPDATED on : Sep 28, 2013

Required Android : 4.0 and up.

Version : 1.0.2

Download Links : [ARMV7]

Google Play Apk Link

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword v1.0.2 APK

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword v1.0.2 APK

Just Install Apk and Play….

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