Fly-On Mod V1.1 Feel The Smoothness [SCRIPTs][Tweaks] for Galaxy Y [ Complete Update]

Hi Guys Presenting Fly-On Mod V1.0 Feel The Smoothness [SCRIPTs][Tweaks] for Galaxy Y works with Custom & Stock Rom Shared by Xda Member Slaid480.

Benefits of Scripts:

  • Improve Performance and GUI Smoothness

  • Improve Battery Life

  • Tweak and Optimize the Android engine!

Features and Improvements:

  • Min-Free and LowMemoryKiller enabled.

  • Zip-aligning apps while Booting.

  • Turbo Charged,Makes Your launcher very smooth!!

  • system tweaks.

  • Improved SD Card speed write/read!

  • Battery Life improvements.

  • Better Multitasking.

  • Sqlite and Database Tweaks.

  • Network TCP tweaks.

  • sysctl tweaks.

  • Kernel and VM tweaks and improvements.

  • file system speedup.

  • Ext4 tweaks.

  • Many other tweaks for better performance and battery life!

  • Android Gingerbread 2.3.x

  • Root

  • Kernel that supports init.d

  • ClockWorkMod(4 or higher)

  • At Least 1MB of space free in /system

How to install:

  • Download the flash-able Zip

  • Reboot in Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.

  • Install Zip from SD card then choose Zip from SD card then choose Fly-on……Zip

  • Reboot and enjoy

  • Happy testing/Feel the Smoothness

In the Package:
  • +/etc/init.d/ scripts:

  • ram_manager

  • 09sdcardspeedfix

  • darky_zipalign

  • 98system_tweak

  • sqlite_optimize

  • remountCM_fullext4(CM version only)

  • +/system/xbin/:

  • sqlite3

  • zipalign

  • +/system/lib/

  • version only)

  • Fly-On Mod works with GB/ICS/JB But in ICS/JB Min-free and LowMemoryKiller options are not working,because in ICS/JB android OS set Min-free/LMK values to the default after Booting,so ram_manager script will not work for ICS/JB.

Improvements Version Wise Details Below:

Fly-On V0.1:(8/4/2013)
Fly-On V0.2 :(16/4/2013)
  • te-writed and cleaned script.

  • New zip-aligning script based on Darky’s zip-aligning script.

  • Adjusted Values to be adapted to this device hardware.

  • Deleted touch sensitivity tweaks(useless).

  • Corrected Min-free values.

  • Many other minor stuff…

Fly-On V0.3 :(17/4/2013)
  • (If you are coming from an old version,below V0.3 you will need to delete all scripts in your /system/etc/init.d folder)

  • Now Fly-On Mod is a full package of scripts:

  • Replaced the main Fly-On script with 3 scripts to avoid any functionality problem and ensure more stability (S98system_tweak,05LagFixer,09sdcardspeedfix)

  • Added some useful build.prop Tweaks(for better performance and battery life)

  • Fixed the Low memory killer bug with the new Lagfixer script.

Fly-On V0.4:(17/4/2013)
  • New SQlite_optimize script .

  • New Script For Network TCP optimizations.

  • Adjusted Min-Free Values for better Multitasking!

Fly-On V0.5:(19/4/2013)
  • Fixed permissions Via Updater-script to Make scripts are properly working!

  • Some cleaning to the S98system_tweak script!

Fly-On V0.6:(20/4/2013)
  • Delete all old Fly-On scripts before installing V0.6!

  • this update contains various improvements bugfixes and changes with a full new script:

  • Deleted 05Lag_fixer script!

  • Deleted S97network_tweaks!

  • New 08Fly_engine script with a lot of tweaks and improvements:

+Full Memory management 
+Sysctl tweaks
+Kernel and VM tweaks
+File system speedUp
+Ext4 tweaks
+Improved Wifi_Idle for better battery Life!
-Updated zip-aligning script for faster zip-aligning and short boot time!
Fly-On V0.7:(21/4/2013)
  • added xbin to make sure that zipalign and fly_engine scripts are working properly!

  • Now with two versions:

+Stock version for Stock gingerbread samsung roms and roms based on samsung roms!
+CM version for cyanogenmod7/9/10 Based roms and AOSP GB/ICS/JB roms too!
Fly-On V0.8:(22/4/2013)
  • Fixed errors on Fly_engine script.

  • Added I/O scheduler tweaks.

Fly-On V0.9:(25/4/2013)
  • Fixed sqlite3 bin permissions.

  • Removed journalism on EXT4 partition(greatly increase I/O).

  • added remountCM_fullext4 script for CM version.

Fly-On V1.0:(27/4/2013)

  • If you are coming from Fly-On V0.9 there is no need to delete the old scripts!

  • deleted fly_engine script(contain a lot of errors,I will be working on rewriting it).

  • added a new ram_manager script (Full memory fix and management).

  • fixed proper permissions for all scripts.

Fly-On V1.1:(29/4/2013)

  • Deleted swapon tweak as it’s only causing troubles!
  • heavily modified updater-script to make the /system/etc/init.d folder clean while installing the Mod!(there is no longer need to delete scripts manually)

Download Links Complete Version :

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