Animus™ V2 [2.3.7][Based on cm7] Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y GT – S5360.

Hi Guys Presenting Animus™ V2 [2.3.7][Based on cm7] Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y GT – S5360.As you all know i have already posted the first version of this rom on my previous post name as Animus™[Xtreme][2.3.7][Based on cm7] Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y GT – S5360.And now the developer of this rom presents the updated version V2.Shared by xda member Aniruddh Chandratre so, at first have a look some screenshots & new added features below:

Features of Version 1:

1. Jelly bean and Ice cream sandhwich themed.

2. Jelly bean platlogo

3. CM7 Themes compatible

4. Build prop tweaks

5. init.d tweaks

6. MUCH more! Explore them all by using the ROM!
Added Features in Version 2 :

1. Added CPU CONTROL as a system app.

2. Updated TTlauncher

3. Changed Bootanimation

4. Removed 90% of the Colour flicker

5. Minimised lag.

6. Fixed headphone bug

7. Added new theme. (edited by me.. )

8. Changed Icons

9. Minor bug fixes.

10. Camera bug now fixed. (follow some steps in the Camera fix post on the ANIMUS thread at XDA.)

11. New and revamped Animations.(NO more ICS animations.)

12. Live wallpaper support added.

13. Fonts Changed

14. User Interface chaged.

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