ActivoSpeeder V3.0 for Galaxy Y

This ActivoSpeeder is modded and ported to Galaxy Y , and have alot differences than the original one for Galaxy Mini.Works with almost all roms CM, ICS, JB, STOCK. 

Note : Shared by Xda Member F4uzan
ActiveAndroid is a evolution of SlickSleep, mixes

performance, battery saving and deep sleeping tweaks.

You can get many script in only 1 unique script.Nothing like it’s (it’s only 1 form !), Yet.


1. Android 2.3.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x

2. A pair of sharp eye

3. A working brain

4. Root Exploring apps

5. Small experience for moving script with Root Explorer

6. Kernel that support init.d

7. Patched services.jar for Android 4.0.x and later


1. Modded INT2EXT for working memory extender

Installing script :

1. Download latest version

2. Reboot to recovery

3. Mount system

4. Flash the script .zip file

5. Reboot
Installing Script Manually :

1. Download the Zip file

2. UnRAR the file with WinRAR and copy to SD Card

3. Open Root Explorer, move script to /system/etc/init.d

4. Change permission to :




5. Reboot your phone

6. Enjoy…

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