TRex Hunt ARMv6 Apk

TRex Hunt

From the very beginning, man has been a hunter.
Unfortunately you the hunter are about to become the hunted. Human Lunch!!
TRex Hunt was created from the chronicles of Tim Wells, the world’s greatest primitive weapons hunter. Kill or be eaten while using clubs rocks spears or bows. Use fire-tipped arrows on the world’s great predators that have ever stalked the earth.

Jurassic like 3D graphics. Hi resolution fluid fast game play.
Your goal is to reach level 5. Battle your way through hungry dinosaurs like raptors pterodactyls TRex and more. You must then kill the evil cave man who has stolen your cave woman. He will use traps and various strategies to kill you.

Note : This Game is for ARMv7 ported for ARMv6 other devices but sorry not for Galaxy Y
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