LAD iPhone Game for Android

It is pretty common knowledge that we love unique indie games on Android, one of which was a game we reported on not too long ago called Limbo. Well now there is a new game similar to the style of Limbo called LAD that will just arrive on Android.

Black Chair Games will be bringing their dark and moody platform puzzler to Android called LAD. This game seems to draw a lot of influence, at least visually, from the equally dark platformer called Limbo by developers Playdead.
In LAD you will be in control of a little boy, leading him through the dark and gloomy world while trying to avoid obstacles and solving the puzzles in each stage in order to proceed to the next. There will be things like blocks to push while having to avoid giant spiked balls and other hazards. While your character is a black silhouette against the grey, white and black backdrop, there apparently is also a white silhouetted character although their purpose is unknown.
If you dig these unique indie games like we do then you will be looking forward to this game just like Limbo
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