Make Back and Menu Buttons Vibrate on Galaxy Y

This post let’s you make your Galaxy Y Menu & Back buttons a small vibrate.
Note : Need Rooted Phone { How to Root & Unroot Galaxy Y From Here }
Tutorial of vibrating Menu & back keys:
2. Open it & allow SU permissions.
3. Navigate to /system/usr/keylayout/qwerty.kl and open querty.kl in text editor.
4. Now find & change these original values to the bold text below:
+ Change “KEY 158 BACK VIRTUAL“
+ Change “KEY 229 MENU VIRTUAL“
+ Change “KEY 139 MENU VIRTUAL“
+ Change “KEY 59 MENU VIRTUAL“
5. Now save it and wait it grants SU access again.
6. Now reboot or restart your phone & enjoy!
1. Edit qwerty.kl and change your values from VIRTUAL to WAKE_DROPPED.
2. Save it and wait till it grants SU access.
3. Reboot your restart your phone.
I am not responsible for any damage so try it at your own risk!

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