Flash Merruk Kernel v2.0 Final Release for Galaxy Y

Merruk Technology Kernel v2.0 is a new and best custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy Y which has many benifits so everyone who is in Stock ROM must flash it!


+ Swap Support

+ Some Bug Fixes.

+ CPU Spy App Fix

+ Game-Port Modules

+ Graphic Engine Driver

+ Security Patches Added

+ TUN/TAP, Virtual Adapter

+ Added USB CORE Support
+ HID, EHCI, OHCI, Support VibeTunz (TM) Technology MERRUK Tempfs for SU Binary

+ SD-EXT Support, System &

+ CIFS Support. (Mount Shared

+ Netfilter Compatibility with

+ Recouvery in Read/Write mode
& [ADB Root]

+ Added IO Scheduler (Deadline,

+ Blumunlock Added & a Script to run it at boot

+ Init.d Support & Auto Create
init.d in /system/etc.

+ BusyBox Support PreInstalled
(Busybox binary in /sbin)

+ Root Support [ADB Root] & PreInstalled (SU binary in /sbin)

CODEC) Firmware From Samsung

+ Multi-language Module Support for UTF-8 on CIFS Mount Shares

+ Cache and Data, Can be
mounted as EXT4. (/System
Need’s Fixes)

+ Add The Permanent Modded / Fixed CloclkWorkMod Recovery (v

Supported (You Need to Format it With EXT4).

+ New J4FS SUPPORT (We Can
Mode it to have our new optimized J4FS R/W file system)

+ Modules for VPN/IPSec Support (IPsec AH, IPsec user configuration interface, IP Tunneling)

+ Added CPU Governor Feature
(SmartassV2, Conservative,
Ondemand, Powersave & Userspace, etc.) (Not All of
them for now)

+ Debug scripts added for System & Recovery

+ Fixes scripts added for System & Recovery

+ Important moduled load’s now at boot

+ A Lot of Other Improvements & Fixes.

How to install?

Goto Settings , Applications , Development & enable USB Debugging.

Stop Kies, PC Antivirus & Kies and end all active ADB sessions.

1. Wipe data & Cache from Stock CWM recovery.

2. Download System_1.0.8.zip and move it on SD Card (not in any folder).

3. Download boot_2.tar and keep it on desktop.

4. Boot your phone in Download Mode by pressing Vol down + Power Key + Home button together.

5. When warning screen appears, press Volume Up key to get in Odin mode.

6. Open Odin.

7. In PDA, choose file boot_2.tar.

8. Connect your phone to your PC via USB Data Cable.

9. When you see yellow light on top left box, select Start.

10. Flashing will start, when full green light comes on your PC & phone both then your phone will reboot.

Merruk Kernel v2.0 flashed!

11. Install & Open CPU Master from Play Store on your phone to see more new features.

Download Links:

Direct Kies Link (88.6 MB)

password : Galaxy4Gaming.in
Merruk’s Kernel is only for Samsung Galaxy Y

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