Notification Bubbles for HVGA,QVGA,WVGA Android Devices

Notification Bubbles to read and reply to messages and calls!
* Easy access to text messages and missed calls
* Get Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail notifications as bubbles on the screen
* Simply pop the bubble to read and reply
* Choose between different bubble styles
* Customize bubble colors
* Select one contact to show up as a heart, with super quick calling and texting

ONLY in Full version:
* More color options for the bubbles
* See how many times you’ve popped bubbles and compete with your friends
* Beautiful winter theme, with bubbles and amazing snow flakes
* Select up to three contacts that show up as hearts for quick access
* Add unlimited number of todo bubbles for easy reminders

What others are saying:
* “The app is a blast” –Android Apps Review
* “Sweet freaking app!” –User comment
* “Love it! Super cute!” –User comment
* “Wow, It’s mindblowing…!!” –User comment

Additional notes:
* To install this live wallpaper select Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper
* For best experience use the official Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook apps.
* If you have imported your contact pictures from Facebook, they might not show in the bubbles. This depends on how your phone vendor store the pictures.

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