CUSTOM ROM: Repencis ROM v3.0 for Galaxy Y

Hi Guys Presenting New Rom For Samsung galaxy Y Repensis v3.0

Main features:
* Rooted
* Deodexed all system apks
* Arabic font plugin
* Zipalign all apks on boot
* Init.d script support
* A2sd Darktremor (Pro Edition Only)
* Adw Launcher Ex as default launcher
* ICS Iconized with orange default style
* New Dialer, New Audio UI, New Settings, New Music, New Youtube (with Download Mode)
* 14 status bar toggle (see below to activate flashlight toggle)
* Added Repencis Labs:
* – Apk Replacer
* – AutoZipUpdater
* – Battery Line
* – Lockscreen addon
* – Repencis Theme
* – Custom Patcher
* And many more…… 


* New kernel
* Cool Ram Management
* Fast booting and shutdown
* Other tweaked things
* Don’t worry about launcher and lockscreen add-on
* Fix WiFi, internet and BootSound after last version
* And many more…….


1) Backup your System first 
2) Download appropriate ROM from above…
3) Now copy both file to the SD Card. Do Not put it in any folder. It ain’t work.
4) Turn Off your Device and go to Recovery Mode By Pressing and Holding this Key CombinationVolume Up + Home Button + Power Button. 
5) Once you entered into the Recovery Mode. You will see the Blue Color User Interface where you can’t use Touchscreen. Instead use “Volume Up and Volume Down to move Up and Down”. And “Home Button to Select”. And “Power Button used to go Back”
6) Once you entered into Recovery Mode. You should Wipe your Phone to make this ROM Work Properly.
7) After that select “Apply Update from SDCard” option and choose downloaded Repencis’ Rom v3 which is “Repencis V3.0” or “Repencis”
8) Once Patching was successful. You have to Reboot your Phone by select “Reboot System Now”. For the first System Start-Up it will take much time to start. So be Patient.
9) After that Viola! The ROM is successfully installed in your phone. 

Repencis ROM V3.0

Mediafire link Repencis ROM v3.0 ( a2sd users/For Pros Only)

Repencis ROM v3.0 (Non a2sd users/For Beginners)

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