Install Google Chrome-to-Android extension

Dear Friend’s Enjoy Google Chrome On Galaxy Y
If you are curious about Chrome-to-Android Extension, I’ve attached links to the description and the download page.
Download Chrome-to-Android:

Step 1: Get Chrome browser (

Step 2: Make sure you have Android 2.2 on your phone

Step 3: Go to the Chrome-to-Android Download page (
Step 4: Install the Chrome extension to Chrome

Step 5: Install the Android app on your phone

For Firefox Users,

You can use the following extension:

BONUS Feature: If you have text selected in your browser when you send it to your Android  phone, that text is automatically copied into the clipboard on your phone.

You don’t need to install the Chrome browser in your computer. If you use Firefox you can use this extension: (still needs the App in your phone)
Personally tested and verified to work.

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