HD Games for Samsung Galaxy, Download it for free!

Friend’s and user of samsung galaxy We are sure that you already know, even though that phones come with mini design, we can do something big with that. Galaxy Mini is one of the most popular low-end android phones. In this post, we want to share 5 free HD games for Samsung Galaxy Mini. We got this information from an Indonesian android forum. Interested? Here are the games.


This is an attractive HD Game for anroid which is developed by EA games. If you like to play racing games, it can be a nice choice though there are also other racing games which compatible with android. NFS Shift has been tested for Galaxy Mini.


We are sure that you already know this game. PES 2011 is one of the most popular football game. Not only for android, but also in other os.

3. Dungeon Hunter Link

We are sorry since we’ve ever played this game. Have you ever? However, we are sure it is an attractive game for your Galaxy Mini.

4. The SIM 3 Link

You can view more details about this game on android market. This game has also been one of the most popular android game. Interested?

5. GT Racing Link

Like NFS Shift, it’s also a racing game. If you was bored with NFS Shift, why you don’t try GT Racing. Play it now on your Galaxy Mini.

All of the games above, you can download it into your Samsung Galaxy Mini via Android Market. But, it’s not free at there. From Android-Indonesia forum, someone shared the link to download it for free. If you are interested, you can view it on this thread.

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